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Adopted or changed names

Q: I am adopted - but I know my real name given to my at birth. Is it more appropriate to use that name - or the name my adoptive parents gave me and that I grew up with? I was only about 2 months old when my adoptive parents got me. My intuitive sense told me to use the name I was born with - even if it was for only 2 months? Any thoughts? Thanks so much.- N.P.
PS: Using (birth name) seemed pretty accurate - as far as an analysis of who I am <smile>.

A: You are right. Your birth name is the most accurate name to use. It defines the tools and talents you have innately as well as the types of people and experiences you are likely to attract. Your adopted name is important too, as an overlay of additional vibrations that can assist you in life. I also have an adopted last name. It's much the same as a married name in that it's important as an indication of what I'm choosing to learn and what aspects of my essential nature are being emphasized with the use of this new name.

More about name changes:

The birth name, represents the "original blueprint" for you in life. Much valuable information can be derived from it. The adopted name represents a sort of "overlay" of vibrational influence which your soul chose to *amend* your original blueprint. So an adoptee benefits both from the genetic contribution of the birth parents and the special addition of the adoptive parents influences. I have met people who's birth name was very "earthly" - that is, very focused on day-to-day life, who's adopted name had a very spiritual-mindedness and focus. This naturally would create friction due to the contrast but eventually creates a deeply compassionate individual, able to be rooted in the earth and understand pain, while also being aware of the spiritual "big picture" and the evolutionary process. The reversal can happen too of course, and the adopted name is the kite string that grounds the too higher-minded individual (this was the case for me and my adoptive father's contribution.)

If a person does not know their birth name, or if they were adopted "nameless", this is perfect for their life-process as well. It's not mandatory that you know the birth name, just important if you do :) It works in a similar way for people who change their names by choice or through marriage, though the influences will take time to be felt. You have had your adopted name most of your life so it's effects will seem prominent and your birth name attributes will be felt as an underlying theme of either hidden desires or areas of resistance and denial... That part only you can determine and work with if you wish.

The full name at birth is the name that holds all of the juicy information about who you are, what you're doing here, how your aptitudes are balanced etc... Your changed or shortened names tell you more about what you are attracting NOW in your experience. You can look at what was going on in the past by analyzing a past nic name or shortened or married name as well. You are correct, the longer you use a name, the stronger the name will effect your overall life. It's wise to make sure though, that your shortened name reflects your strengths and supports your Destiny too. I have found that the names we ourselves "prefer" to be called are generally the most supportive to our Destiny and reflect the Challenge, Cycle and Pinnacle period we are going through. By this I mean that we "subconsciously" know what is right for us. We feel comfortable, more of a vibrational match to the prevailing energies. Whereas when a name is forced upon us as in a child who is called "Johnny" (because it's more comfortable for his family) in spite of his wish to be called "John" now that he's a teenager - John is going to feel a lot of inner turmoil. He is being moved vibrationally to align himself with a more appropriate name (which is his radio signal that determines what he will attract) and his environment is pushing against this change in him. Ultimately the environment must obey because John will take himself to a more harmonious place.

The birth name is always 'You'. The vibration of your total birth name and each component (first, middle, last) create your original 'Cosmic Blueprint'. It's like the various ingredients that collectively make you - uniquely you. As we evolve in life we do seek to find a means to express more of who we are wanting to be and our modified names, whether it is just our first and last name or a married surname, nick name or alternate spelling as you have done, serve as a sort of vibrational beacon that keeps those modified vibrations surrounding us and therefore attracting like vibrations (people, experiences etc..) to us. There is a lot of interesting information found in both our birth name totals and our modified name totals but the birth name influence is always deeper and our modified names always more superficial. By superficial, I mean that when we attract a person, job etc.. from it's resonance to our modified name, it never feels completely real or permanent. But when we attract from the more 'primal' birth name vibrations, these are are truly significant relationships and experiences in life. They are the experiences that effect us deeply - for better or worse. Name changes can do much for attracting all sorts of transient 'goodies' into our lives and they can also help to bring more balance to our lives if our birth name vibrations are particularly challenging and as I said before, if your Destiny number is out of synch with your birth name Expression, changing the vibration can help that too.

Q: My entire first, middle, and last name has been changed to something different from my name on my birth certificate. Actually, the name on my original birth certificate is Baby Girl Hawkins because I was adopted. I was then named by my adoptive parents, and I then changed my name completely at the age of 23. I do feel that my life is different now after the name change, so I am wondering if I shouldn't use my current name for a numerology reading, and if not, which do I consider my birth certificate name?I would like to find this out before I order a report. Also, what if someone has four names? Please help.

As outrageous as it might sound, your 'Birth Certificate' name is "Baby Girl Hawkins". This is the name that you arrived on this planet to.. So you would read that description to find out about the original 'you' - which plays on, however silently, under the currents of your outer life. Your Birth Name will always have it's effect on you no matter how many times you change your name. In the case of someone adopted very near to birth, I would weigh the adopted name as next in importance. Adopted names, nick names, married names and intentionally changed names all have a powerful effect on 'how your life plays out' and how you grow and develop through life. Your adopted name would show you what talents and traits were being called out of you and developed in order to get you through that portion of life. When you changed your name at 23 (a powerful number of 'change' in itself) you were actually giving birth to a 'new you' - a totally new set of traits that would in turn, attract the experiences of your life from then forward. Interestingly, any time a name is 'legally' changed, as in: adoption, marriage or legally changing your name yourself, it holds a more powerful energy than if you just begin to use a different name. I'm not sure why that is, except for maybe it's deemed to be 'recognized' by a "Higher Power" (at least in society) if it's a 'legal' act. As below, so above? So I believe that all names are important to look at and understand, but the actual 'Birth Certificate Name' is the only name that will give you your 'Core' essence numbers and it's the name I use initially for my Soul Mate Synergy reports. I compare the deepest selves of each to find the deeper connections drawing them together. Many people also get a report using their current names too and that tells them a lot more about their 'day-to-day' compatibility. If you have more number-synergy with a person using your current names, for example, than your Birth Names, that is telling you that you have a relationship that is based more upon the outer expression of your developed social personalities that you have developed throughout life and this type of connection is obviously not as 'soul-stirring' as if you shared equal or more synergy between your Birth Names. "Nurture vs Nature" so to speak. Both are important and play a key role in all relationships.

Q: If someone has altered their name, for example Tim to Timo or Rachelle to Shelle, should you also figure the changed name as an added influence? If so, would you just do the changed first name, or would you recalculate the whole name?

A: You would calculate your "current name" - first and last as you use it in everyday life, i.e.: "Shelle Smith". If you always use a middle name for everyday use too, as in "Shelle Belle Smith", you would calculate that in there too.

Q: Hi! On those soulmate reports, what if you didn't know if you had someones full birth name? could you still get some correct information?(with their first and last name?)

When you look at the 'Current Name' - just the first and last names used currently - you can get accurate information about what is called your 'Modified' or 'Minor' aspects. These describe how your current names have been modified and the parts of yourselves you are expressing right now - as opposed to the total you, inside and out. You can get accurate information about compatibility and day-to-day relations by doing a Soul Mate Synergy report using your Current Names, but to really check out the true 'Soul Mate' connections, which can explain the deeper reasons why two people are attracted to one another as well as how they get along over the long term (which is influenced by our deeper nature -found in our birth name- rather than our changeable, modified self - defined by our current name - you have to look at the full names at birth (birth certificate names).
Many people think of themselves, as their 'Current Name', ["i am Rick Smith"] however, our original name sets up our life experience and details who we are, what we want and how we get it. ["I AM Richard Andrew Smith"]. It can be a valuable 'blueprint' for learning about who we really are and what our purpose is. When we look for a partner, it is our deepest self that is searching and too often, our outer personality who is 'finding'. When we meet someone who resonates with our Soul, and our deeper self, there is an inner 'bell' that goes off inside. That 'bell' is what people refer to when they say, "I just 'knew' she was the one I was going to marry"...   So the Soul Mate Synergy report can be useful for understanding important dynamics between both; the Birth Names and the Current Names when you keep the correct perspective about each.

I am getting married on July 17, 1999 and have been trying to decide whether
or not I should change my name, I have several reports but would like some
advice in general. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Changing your name can alter your life-attractions for better or for worse (as they say). If you like the way you feel and the way your life is going, I would not change my name. But if you have checked out your 'new' potential name on NumberQuest and it sounds very good to you - that is, you would love to be that person, then it may be something that your inner-being is choosing to 'grow' into and this marriage is a way to incorporate these new traits into your make-up.
Remember that there's absolutely nothing wrong with not taking on your husband's name and in fact it can be a real way to draw out the best in the relationship because you have not symbolically merged your 'self' into his. There is plenty of merging that still goes on, and symbolically trading your family name for his is a very old tradition which still has a profound and very 'real' consequence.
Your last name (surname) represents your family 'inheritance' - all of the talents and traits bestowed upon you from your family lineage. The US is a patriarchal society so only the father's lineage is valued, however, in the native american society the mother's lineage is most highly valued. Many other societies use both parent's family names. Keep in mind that by taking on your husband's family name you are taking on his family 'karma'. In other words, you will also have access to his family vibration of success or failure and while this won't be strong enough to blank out your birth name vibration, it can attract experiences and 'thought patterns' (attitudes) that you may or may not want to claim as your own. So, I'd look into that for sure and in the same way, see if your own family 'attitudes' are something you want to keep around! Hyphenating both names is another option.

Q: It is amazing to me how accurate your numerology program is in determining the personas of I and my friends. If anyone has the time, I would like you to answer this question for me. When calculating your soul urge, persona, and expression numbers, should the Jr. (for junior) be calculated in the name as well?

A: Jr.Sr. etc. is not calculated in the name because it is a title added to delegate order in a family and not a true part of a name.

Q: I recently became interested in numerology trying to find answers to questions surrounding events that have taken place in my life. I am divorced with a 3 year old son and I am looking to change our last name. I do not want to keep my married name, nor do I want to take back my maiden name. I am looking for a new name that will not adversely affect out destinies, but rather put us onto a more positive path. What is the best way to go about selecting a new last name for my son and myself?

A: Well, there are two of you who you are dealing with now so you will have to make sure that the new name is supportive of both of your Destines. The very basics of a positive name change are: make sure your new name total is the same "gender" (odd or even) as your Destiny. A whole name total that adds up to a number larger than your Destiny is supposed to make your Destiny 'easier' to attain. The reason for this is that the name will then attract qualities including and exceeding the requirements of your Destiny. Please remember that the original core numbers (from your son's birth name) will not change, but you would be adding a new influence that will steer him in a new direction. If he's a happy little boy now, you might consider just 'rearranging' his current surname to create a new name with the same letters (you can add *i's* and *r's* to keep the same core vibration as they vibrate to 9 and therefore don't change the final number). Make sure to really analyze his name numbers and his Destiny so that you understand why he came in (was born) with that combination.


Number Calculations

Q: Hi, I saw an episode of Leeza on Television today and noticed the subject was on numerology. At the beginning of the show, they told everyone how to figure out their (Destiny) number but I missed it. I know there is some math involved but I did not catch what it was. Could you please tell me how to figure out my number and other peoples numbers? - D. A.

Destiny Calculations:Full Birth Date:

5 /
2 /
= 2
+7 =

Some numerologists add the birth date this way:

5 /
2 /
Add year
Add month and day to year
+2 =
7 =


Still others add it up this way:

5 /
2 /
Add year
0 =
Add month
Add day


The Pythagorean "Letter Grid"

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
a b c d e f g h i
j k l m n o p q r
s t u v w x y z  

Name Calculations: Birth Certificate Name:
        7             1           3     V = 11/2
      1 6           1 0         1 2      
1     5   9 1     5   5     7     5      
A N G E L I A   R E N E   C Y P H E R S T = 5
  5 7   3       9   5     3   7 8   9 1  
    1 5           1 4           2 8      
      6             5             1     C = 3

Fill in the number values from the "Letter Grid" above, putting the vowels above the name and the consonants below the name.

Beginning with the vowels at the top of the name, add the vowels for each name separately place the number in the row above. Then, if the number is a double digit (and not an 11, 22 or 33), further reduce by adding those two digits together to arrive at a single digit. Place that number in the very top row as shown above. Finally, add the three single digits representing the vowel totals for each name across to arrive at a total. If this is a double digit, (and not an 11, 22 or 33) add again to get a single digit. This number is the Soul Urge. 

Do the same thing with the numbers below the name to find the Persona or "Outer Personality" number.

Finally, add the vowel and consonant totals for each name and reduce to a single digit (if not an 11, 22 or 33), then add the three name totals together and reduce to get the Expression or "Character" number. *A quick way to get the single digit Expression is just to add the Soul Urge to the Persona*

Or some add it all up this way:

Add the top row across ie:
1+5+9+1+5+5+7+5 = 38 Further reduce 38, 3+8 = 11/2
(If your double digit adds up to 11, 22 or 33 do not reduce it further as it is a "Master Number".)
In the case above, the vowels equal 11/2. This is the "Soul Urge."

Now add the bottom row across ie:
5+7+3+9+5+3+7+8+9+1 = 57 Further reduce 57, 5+7 = 12
Further reduce 12, 1+2 = 3
In the case above, the consonants equal 3. This number is the "Persona" or "Outer Personality."

To find the "Expression" or "Character" you add the "Soul Urge" plus the "Persona", in the case above you would get 14. Further reduce 1+4 = 5

Q: I wonder if there might be a simple explanation for this. I learned a little about how to do numerological calculations a while back and don't see why this would be. THIS being: When I enter my birth name with spaces, the analysis differs from when I enter my name without. Why is this?

A: NumberQuest is set up to allow people to choose alternate ways of calculating the aspects (as there are so many books out there teaching different ways.) By default, NumberQuest is set to add up each name separately, then add those totals together to reach a final number. So when you run your name all together, NumberQuest thinks it's just one word and adds it up accordingly. Both ways should come out with the same end result, except one of them may end with a Master Number (like 22) while the other way wouldn't (4). It shouldn't give you two different numbers though (please do let me know if this is happening!) I, personally add each section of the name up individually first, in case there's a Master Number (plus the totals of each name give me more information numerologically) and then I add the three totals. If you scroll down below the NumberQuest input form, you will find many "Advanced" settings that you can play around with.

Q: I just have to comment on this. I saw this before and didn't say anything about it but I just have to know now why there is a discrepancy between your infomation and the information presented at another Numerology website. Your Numerology Report is showng this for me today ....
Personal Day: 2
The report that I just ran at another site is showing this for me today ...
Personal Day: 11/2
Any ideas what is causing this discrepancy?

A: Yes, for today you (birthdate info was given) would add your Personal Year *8* plus the calendar month *3* (March) and would get an *11/2* for your Personal Month. Then, each day you add 11 plus the calendar day. 11 + 9 (for today) = 20 and you reduce it to 2. Many "numerologists" think it's ok to just nix all 9's (since they blend into the final core number anyway), but you end up with Master Numbers at the wrong times and no Master Numbers at the right times!


Calculating Names from Non-English Alphabets

Q: Would you please explain how do you treat foreign language letters. For example, there are nine additional letters in my mother tongue (Polish): a, c, e, l, n, o, s, z, z having some accent mark over or below a letter. They are pronounced differently than a, c... Polish alphabet contains all English (or Latin) letters plus these once mentioned before - except v.

A: Modern numerology uses the 'Pythagorean' letter grid, which places the 26 letters of the English alphabet in their vibrationally correct places relating to the units/numbers 1-9. The English alphabet (which is the same alphabet used in most western European languages) evolved roughly in this order:Egyptian/Cuneiform/Hieroglyphs>Phoenician>Hebrew>Greek>Roman>EnglishAnother branch was born from Greek and that branch led to 'Cyrillic' languages like Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian and the Soviet languages. Many languages have alphabets that resemble the English alphabet with the addition of a few special characters and various accents etc.. These special characters have to be dealt with individually as it doesn't work to apply a simplifying rule to all languages, such as, 'just number your country's alphabet according to the 1-9 grid.' This way displaces letters which would've been in the right place to begin with! It throws everything way off. Numerology works because of the relationship between each letter and it's numerical equivalent and this has evolved over time to the alphabet many countries now use. There is a specific order - a definite 'vibrational relationship' which is perfectly aligned with the numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and the following octaves of 10's. This too has evolved and now we have the correct numbers/vibration to describe what the alphabetical letters had to do on their own in earlier times. In other words, 'In the beginning'... 'A' stood for Aleph, Alpha, one, the first, active, initiation, the creative impulse etc... and it was used for describing 1 unit since they had no Arabic numeral system yet. Basically, ALL languages that 'look' like the English alphabet are meant to line up to their numerical equivalents in the same way i.e., 1=A,J,S 2=B,K,T 3=C,L,U... Several languages, such as Turkish, Norwegian and others have added special elements and unique characters that are used to convey special pronunciations. The 'soft g' you are asking about is actually silent and is used to carry the sound of the previous vowel (you know this but for the sake of other readers…) In this case it still plays the roll of 'g' in the numerology equation - it's just a silent sounding 'g'. Both 'C's, 'I's, 'O's, S's, and U's are also the same letter with a different slant on pronunciation. In English, we just use the same letter to represent all of the various sounds that letter makes. H can be silent as in "Herbs", W can sound like 'Wiggle" or be silent and carry the vowel as in 'Glow'… the vowels can be long 'ee' or short 'eh' etc... But the letters are still the same letters and this would be the case in all languages that use the same Greek>Roman/Latin based alphabet system. There is another form of numerology that is used for obtaining further information about a subject and this is based on the phonetic 'sounds' of the words or names. In this way, a name spelling like 'Angelia' might be spelled as 'Anjelea', or how it sounds, in order to get some additional information about it's vibration. This is not to be confused or mixed up with the way we get the core numbers for Pythagorean numerology which describes your Expression. Soul Urge, Personality etc..

Vowels and Consonants

Q: My question is what is the significance of analyzing a name using either
consonants or vowels??

A: In any name, the vowels tell you about the spirit/emotional vibration and intent of a thing/person, and the consonants tell you about the physical/active manifestation of the thing/person. When you speak a name, the vowels are the sound carried by 'air'. Together, they sound the 'song of the soul'!
The consonants create 'grounding points' where the word becomes form and can make an impact in the physical world. The early hebrews and even the kabbalists of today, believed the vowels to be so sacred (having to do with spirit) that they were forbidden from writing them and instead spelled things using only the consonants, leaving the vowels to shape the spoken word as spirit fills and 'animates' the physical form. You may see Jewish people pay reverence to the Creator by referring to her as G*D. When reading your name's vowels, you are reading about the inner you - the Soul Urge. Your innermost desire and motivation - from the heart. This is the 'you' that only a select few may ever know, unless you intentionally develop it and bring it out to the surface through your Personality and actions. When you read the consonants in your name, you are reading about how you come across to others, 'how' you take action in the world and how you want others to see you. Consonants are the manifestation of 'you' - your Personality, vowels are the spiritual/emotional you and the total name is your Expression - the unique blending of your vowels and consonants -   your body, mind and spirit. In this way, no two 5 Expressions are ever really identical but a numerology reading such as NumberQuest can give you a general idea of what the 5 Expression is like or the 3 Soul Urge etc...

Calculating 'Y' as a Vowel or Consonant

Q: I'm a bit confused on the rule of when to use y as a vowel or a consonant. It is my understanding that you use the y as a vowel if it is the only vowel sound in that syllable. As in the name Timothy the y would be a vowel.......is this correct?

A: Yes - that's right, if it is the only vowel in the syllable is the main rule. Also, if it stands alone and sounds like a vowel as in the name, "Yves" or "Yvonne". Yves is just one syllable with the vowel 'e' in it, but the 'Y' is also a vowel because it sounds purely like an 'ee' without another vowel influencing it in any way. A 'Y' is not a vowel if it is right next to another vowel, even if it seems to carry the sound of the vowel, as in "Carey".

Miscellaneous Questions

Can Numbers determine Gay, Straight or Bi?

Q: Can Numerology help me,, or anyone using it, Determine if a person I want to date is Gay, or Straight, or Bisexual? Can numbers in a person, reveal if that someone is any of the 3 that I listed?

A: That's a very interesting question that you pose...
thankfully, that's still a personal issue and not at all verifiable via numerology or astrology. There are masculine/active numbers and feminine/passive numbers and many men are exploring life through the perspective of more feminine energies (numbers) than masculine and the same goes for women who have more masculine energies. The effects can definitely be seen but sexual preference does not always match up with the balance of masculine to feminine numbers. In the same way, astrology can tell you if a person has 'issues' with father or mother or sexuality etc.. but it can not accurately say that someone is Gay, Bi or Straight any more than it can say if you are male or female.

This being the case, it makes you wonder what that really means anyway? Numerology and like subjects are telling us about the energies, the colors that make up our own personal rainbow. It doesn't seem that those 3 choices exist at the higher levels of vibration - just different rates of vibration that we 'humans' translate into form and feel much better if we can give the result a name :) When we choose other humans to intermingle with in life, we are really attracting a set of vibrations that flow in harmony with our own. Perfection and life is in the 'balance' of energies and destruction is a result of an overabundance in any area. So very feminine energies will want to be with masculine energies to create balance and vice versa. Sometimes 'like' energies get together, for instance a more feminine man with a feminine woman, in order to bring out the balancing response in each. This may bring out more of the masculine traits of one or both of them in order to create that balance.

On a related note, some numbers are just more sexual than others and this may be more telling than anything else. You still can't tell "whom" they want to have sex with as far as same-sex, both-sexes, opposite-sex, but each number has their own 'sex style' and I'll write about that in an upcoming article.

What do all these numerology terms mean??

Q: Very interesting site--thank you for the information. However, I cannot find what are the meanings of the numbers given to various aspects of the Name Analysis. For example, I got a 3 on Expression, a 6 on both Soul Urge and Persona. Do these numbers represent (a) where I stand on a sliding scale (10 is better than 1/one is better than 10) or (b) the sum of my name or (c) some other aspect ?

A: Here's some background on numerology:
Modern numerology is based on the understanding of ancient "archetypal" philosophies set forth by Pythagorus, the Kabbalists (Qabalists), the Egyptians, the Chaldeans and others. It is usually attributed to Pythagorus alone - "the Father of Mathematics" however, it has been also been said that he learned it while studying spiritual philosophy in Egypt.  There has been evidence of the mystical relevance of numbers as archetypes from the earliest recorded history and from many cultures. Modern Numerology is based on the premise, as Pythagoras taught, that numbers are the building blocks of all life and all creation. Everything can be reduced to a number and every number has an energetic "personality" which can be related to other known things such as; the character and personality of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses as the astrologers defined the planets, colors, sound frequencies, days of the week, and all manner of personality traits that the ancients observed and labeled. So numbers achieved a symbolic personality and meaning of their own, which could be used to understand the truth about things and also their "purpose". Pythagorus was probably the first to incorporate this knowledge into a logic-based philosophy, a major tool he and his followers used to seek Truth and discover the nature of things. To the Kabbalists, if an object had the same numerical value as another thing, then the two could be used interchangeably to mean the same thing as the other and would be assumed to be related to the other in meaning and purpose. This practice, called gematria was used all throughout the Old Testament in the bible to "code" important and secret teachings. The ancient practice of Tarot is closely intertwined with numerology and the two work together very well. Each card in the Tarot corresponds symbolically to a number so an understanding of each can greatly enhance one's work with either.

Today, there is a finely tuned and remarkably accurate practice of numerology, largely made so by a woman named, L. Dow Balliett. She actually helped to "un-shroud" this subject and make it accessible,  which had previously been mostly kept hidden, studied and practiced in various versions by the Pythagoreans, Qabalists (Qabalah - "secret wisdom"),  Sufis (enneagram), Christian Hermetic and many other esoteric "schools." The modern day version of numerology has been refined and added to by the intuition, dedication and long years of research and practice of numerous numerologists.

The numbers are not "graded" as in 1 is better or higher than 9, but they do move in the numerical cycle from 1-9 and this is considered to be a repeating cycle of "evolution" where certain abilities, and perspectives are "mastered" through each number in the cycle. The cycle does "ascend" from 1 to 9, going from a simple (pure) vibration to the more complex. This could be seen as going from lower to higher the same way the musical octave shifts in vibration, from lower to higher frequency. #1, the monad is considered to be "the beginning" the 1st force, initiative and creative force, and #2, the dyad is "duality" the initial separation from the One, therefore waiting and patience and femininity and gestation is attributed to 2. #3 is the triad, the union of 1 and 2 the child, creation and reconciling force between 1 and 2. and so on. Numerology is about symbolism and about a certain defined energy flows, cycles and patterns. In order to understand what it is saying, one must engage not only their mind, but also their heart and intuition. Numerology is much like a photograph that can be used to remind ourselves "who we are" and in this way we can be awakened to a whole new world of choices than we previously thought possible.

Your personal or "core" numbers (Expression, Soul Urge, Persona and Destiny) stay the same throughout your life. When you change, shorten or "nick" your name it also has an effect on the people and experiences you attract to your life. Your "Cycles", "Pinnacles" and "Challenges" also stay the same, but the Personal Year, Personal Month and Personal Day change according to the cycle 1-9. So if today is a "5" Personal Day for you, tomorrow will be a "6" Personal Day etc.. The Personal Day, Month and Year are figured according to your birthday and the calendar year so in a sense they are your own unique vibrations for that day, month or year. This is explained further within this FAQ.

In NumberQuest, the meaning of each number is defined in relationship to its aspect, for example: A #3 Soul Urge (aspect) will talk about how the #3 manifests as a persons hopes and secret desires and attractions. While a #3 Persona will talk about how the #3 manifests as a person's outer personality and appearance. The top paragraph describes what the aspect means and the bottom paragraph describes the number's influence according to that aspect.


Q - Thank you for the insight as to who we are and why we are. But I am new to this and am stumped as to exactly which of all these numbers that I "am". For example in the number meanings, which of these numbers do I use to find my one meaning?

A - Think of it like this; your "Soul Urge" is that which your heart knows is right for you. It is the magnet that pulls your attention when you are allowing yourself to "go with the flow." When we live our lives according to "our truth" we are living in harmony with our Souls Urge. Your "Persona" describes the way you carry this out physically. How you seem to the world around you and the way you go about taking care of business. Together, the Soul Urge and Persona make up your total "Expression" which is who you are on the whole. What you were and are from birth. Talents, and weaknesses and the essence of "you". When you change your name, you don't change the true essence of you, but you do alter the types of desires and experiences you have and the way you appear to others. When you compare yourself to another, the only way to determine your 'deepest level' of compatibility is to use the full birth names. Comparing signature names or stage names tells you more about your day-to-day compatibility rather than 'soul-connection' and longevity. The Destiny, which is derived from your birthdate, describes the main flow of your life. The course you are on and what you are learning to be. This is where your whole life is leading, your purpose and ultimate intention in this life. There are many many additional aspects to be calculated from your name and birthdate, but these can give you the main idea of who you are and where you are going.

Q: How much of this do I really get wrapped in? Some of the things I read in a 'Numerology Kit' I bought weren't what I wanted to hear. Is it kind of like going to a psychic and just taking what you want or is there really face value to all this. Or is it just what someone wrote in a book to SELL? Help. I'm in a state of some confusion of where I want my life to go and thought this would be a guideline with value.

Don't get too dismayed by any of it. First of all, you are not just 'a number', you are made up of many numbers and vibrations all working together. Some counteract others and some bring others into balance. It's all part of the miracle of "You" but it's not meant to make you feel bad about your self or your prospects. There really is unlimited possibility and potential for each number and every number is a special aspect/talent of 'God'. Many books do write to 'sell' and the consciousness of the author is all you can expect to absorb. Not every author is all that conscious and knowledgeable (unfortunately!). I don't personally know about the author of the kit you are using so I am in no way judging her/him or anyone in particular - it's just been my own experience on my journey of learning numerology. The best test I find is my own intuition and this is what I recommend to everybody. Try it out and test it for yourself. If something sounds untrue or makes you feel bad, it's a sign that you are not in resonance with the author (they may be coming from a very limited point of view or focussing on the limited/shallow side of each number in their explanations). A reading of any kind should 'ring true', be easy to acknowledge how it fits with who you are and ultimately it should make you feel as though this author knows you quite well for having never met you! You know yourself best and sometimes an author can write about you in a way that actually helps you to remember traits and strengths that you have forgotten to make use of - but you know in your gut when it's true or false. Readings should be *uplifting* and affirmative. So ignore anything that doesn't fit that as being 'not for you' and move on. They are only supposed to be helpful tools and not hard and fast 'rules'. Have fun with it!

Is Number 8 a Tragedy Number?

Q - I want to know the meanings of the numbers. I saw a numerologist on a t.v. show recently that said that (8) was a tragedy number. but now i'm having trouble remembering if it was another (7?) number. In the context she was referring to, it was the flight # of the airliner from new york to paris which exploded mid-air. I think the number was 800, but i'm not certain. thank you.

A - She was talking about flight 800. She was explaining that *8* followed by the two 0's made it a "super-powered" *8* (which is what 0's do.) *8* is the number of power, authority, big creations and enterprise. It's also the number of karma and what you sow, you reap etc... It's the tie to the 8th house in astrology that I think people hook onto. The astrological 8th house governs sex, death, transformation, and "things you have no control over." In numerology, 8 means "harvest" and "reward", "abundance", strength and intensification  It is the number of bearing the fruit of your labors, abundance, multiplication of power.... nothing inherently "bad" unless all efforts previous to the 8 were destructive, then the 8 would bear the fruits of destruction. 800 is a triple-powered 8 and it may have been a matter of "amplification" of whatever was inherently wrong with the plane that led to the tragedy, if "800" had something to do with it. On a different plane it may have just attracted a lot of business men and women or wealthy, influential people (it was going to Paris.) Also, it surely wasn't the only "flight 800" there ever was. I try to encourage people to go by their "gut" in all instances. Pay attention to numbers so you know the potential, but always verify everything inside of you. If I were looking for an address to have a successful business or a successful home-business, I'd find an 8 address right away! Or if I were naming a racehorse, I'd make sure it figured out to an 8 Expression, ensuring physical strength and lots of money. In other words, 8 is nothing to be automatically feared or avoided, only respected - it's not a "tragedy number."

Q: My mother has studied Numerology for years, and recently I gave birth to my first child. She was born on Feb. 4, 2000, which she said is not a good thing. I don't think she will tell me the truth of what her birthdate means because she does not want to hurt my feelings and worry me. Is there anywhere that I can go to talk to someone about this so that I don't feel like my child is doomed to be cursed under the 4/8 cycle?

Hi Laura! hmmm... I don't see this birthdate as negative in the least! I wonder what kind of numerology you mother studied? Many eastern methods (chaledean, vedic) assign astrological planets to the numbers and then compare the relationship between the planets. I have not found this to be as accurate for me - at least not in predicting day to day life, the Destiny and character of the person. The "malefic" or "good luck" influences of interacting planets is more often indicative of past life issues that create general challenges and opportunities in the current life. Basically, your daughter is 'blessed' with an 8 Destiny. She should be strong and self assured (make sure that her name is a higher number than 8. 22 would be excellent! Since you've probably already named her, her birth name will define 'who' she is at the core and any variation you add now (or later) would provide extra 'tools' that will assist her with her Destiny. So, if she has an odd number birth name Expression, you might want to change the lettering or give her a nick name that would give her an even number total so that she is not warring within herself ('odd' against 'even'). It's always helpful for her name to be a higher number than her Destiny because it means that her name contains all of the vibrations necessary to achieve her Destiny - easier. A name that adds up to be a smaller number than the Destiny does dot mean anything 'bad', it just means that her Destiny will take more effort to achieve because she is missing that number in her make up. If her name contains any '8' assigned letters (h,Q,Z), this will help her too.

It's important to remember that there are no 'bad' number Destinies, only misunderstandings about how to live them out, and ill-preparedness due to an un-supportive name. Having an 8 Destiny is actually greatly benefited by having a 4 birthday. 4 is a very practical, organized person. Loyal, hard working, and honest. 8 is the number of the 'Boss'. She will be learning about what it means to control things; money, people, resources etc... so this is why many books say that 8 is the number of the 'executive' or the head of the company. Her 4 birthday will give her the added ability to focus her attention and get things done - what better combination for a successful, creative woman? Your daughter will earn her success and prosperity by her own hard work, but this is not 'bad luck', the work will seem easier for her because it's what she wants, and what makes her feel productive and happy. As I said before, make sure that her name helps her out. If it is made up of primarily odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9) - look at the birth name total (Expression), the vowel total (Soul Urge) and consonant total (Personality) - see if you can tweak it a little so that she gets more support from her name. Make sure to look at her total birth name (first, middle and last) to get her main core numbers and then look at what just her first name (as she will be called) vibrates to. There are many 'remedies' to help balance out name/birthdate imbalances - adding or subtracting letters, shortening or 'nicking' a name. Please try not to let the other interpretations frighten you. Your new daughter is a powerful soul who deliberately and joyfully came to learn many exciting new things. There are many many happy, wealthy, satisfied people born with 8 Destinies and 4 birthdays! She has every potential right now to be one of these and she will believe what you believe about her.

Wishing you love, laughter and awe-inspiring joy as you enjoy your beautiful new baby!

Missing Harvest Number 4 in NumberQuest

Q: Thank you for such an entertaining site. However, in reading my cycles, Harvest 4 did not offer any explanation.

A: I apologize for the missing text.. I'm still trying to figure out how to add it without breaking NumberQuest (again)! It's the only missing item and I can't understand how it slipped out!? ; )
I am copying the text below.

'A four Harvest Cycle will find you focused upon building from the ground up. There may be a literal devotion to gardening or to building physical structures. This is a time for implementing your understanding of natural law, goal setting, process, patience and physical creativity. Life at this time is stable and enduring.'

The Year 2000

Q: Hello, the 0 represents The Fool. What else does the number zero represent  - as in the year 2000? What does that 2000 represent?

The zero, in numerology is an 'intensifier' to a large degree. All vibrations are contained within it (rather than no vibration) and it is a sort of 'wild card' because of this. For the most part though, zero stands for; the Limitless, Unknowable, Truth, Purity, Love, All, Alpha and Omega, all possibility, First Cause, the Unmanifest, Unified Field, Source, Space, Consciousness, Cosmic Egg, God and attributes of God. So when we see a numbered followed by a zero, it is adding Power and protection to that number as well as a sort of 'purity' and intensification to the digit affected by zero. 2000 is followed by three zeros making it a triple-intensified 2! 2's keywords are; : duality, yin (as in yin/yang) division, polarity, choice, gestation, subtlety, 'behind the scenes', cooperation, service, harmony, support, waiting, diplomacy, patience, psychic, intuition, adaptable, empathic, partnerships, security, mediator, comparison, receptive, helper, collecting and saving, reproduction, Balancer of Opposites, subconscious memory, positive and negative - opposites living in harmony or coming together to co-create a third entity/possibility. 2 is the Priestess and all feminine aspects. We should see 'women issues' rising up to the surface - in the limelight. 'Women in power' will no longer have to mean women acting 'as men' but rather the intuitive, diplomatic, cooperating, kind, forgiving, nurturing, as well as the sensuous, seducing, emotional, waxing and waning aspects of femininity will be/are being regarded as powerful and influential.

Love and Compatibility

If I have an 8 for a soul urge # what would tell me what my husband's  soul # is and visa versa. In other words that number tells us our soul urge not our actual soul  #. How do you compare? How do we find the # that tells us what we are vs. what we urge? Does having the same expression number mean anything?

The Soul Urge tells you both what you desire in your heart and what you are on the soul level. The vowels describe the Soul "you" while the consonants describe the physical you. When we are talking about soulmates - people with a karmic-connection, there is often a tie between their Soul Urges in some way. A Soul Urge connection *only* will often be found among couples who may have nothing else in common, yet can't be without the other for some inexplicable reason. Co-dependency and other "disfuntionality" is common here. Connections between the Expressions are another indication of compatibility and this is a very common tie that creates long term relationships. Connections here indicate that long term harmony is likely as the two people basically "see" from the same perspective. It is not as tempestuous as Soul Urge ties and usually endures for the long term. Persona ties are quick and powerful physical attractions that fade quickly if there are no other ties.

Your husbands Soul Urge will be found by getting his numbers at NumberQuest:

His Soul Urge tells you what his heart resonates to, as does your Soul Urge. If they are both odd numbers or both even numbers, there is harmony even if they're not the same. If one is even and the other's is odd, there is tension that can be very exciting at first and then can become irritating over the long term.

Article: Who Do You Love?: The Numerology of Romance and the Soul

Q: This might seem like a weird question, but some reports that I ran at another website are making me ask it. I have to ask it. Do 4 people get along with 6 people? Can they have a successful relationship? Under Numerology, is there a way for me to tell whether my husband and I have a karmic relationship?

4 people get along famously with 6 people. They are both balanced, even numbers and have many of the same natural priorities; responsibility, care taking, order/esthetic beauty... They are both "earthy" numbers, stable and loyal. They evolve through caring for others. Be careful about all that you read out there in cyberspace.. There is a lot of mis-information and confusion spreading. If you try to assign a planetary personality to a number (say; 4 is the moon and 6 is Mercury) to fit it into astrology, you get a lot of mis-information. Astrologically, the Moon can be at odds with Mercury but this has nothing to do with whether a *numerological* number 4 (more like Taurus/Venus - 2 is more like the Moon) is compatible with a *numerological* number 6 (more like Libra/Venus - 3 is more like Mercury). I believe you got your Soul Mate Synergy report done with your husband? That report measured the compatibility between each of your aspects and then described your composite numbers (Synergy) which paint a sort of picture of the relationship as if it were a separate entity (which it is!). You didn't share any of the 'same' numbers which usually speak of "love/friendship at first sight", however, you have mostly compatible numbers (only the Soul Urge numbers are 'challenged' by each other and this is more about your inner motivations and dreams: His dreams are more about stability and certainty and yours are more adventurous and risk taking.) All of the rest are perfectly compatible as two unique people sharing a multi-faceted life. You both have Master number Destiny's too.

The karmic ties that draw soul to soul cannot me limited by astrology and numerology. It's a forever mystery and I think it's good that way. We can find 'hints' via astrology and numerology, but these 'methods' can never fully define the mysteries of Soul Mates. Many times 'soul mates' have the most incompatible astrology charts! and their numbers may hint more at the truth of their connection. Are you soul mates who came to work out past hurts? Or are you soul mates who came to support each other on your paths? Are you soul mates who agreed to stay together forever to learn about love and loyalty? Or soul mates who agreed to play a specific role and move on?... I see friendship and support in your numbers with your husband rather than intense 'karmic' patterns to be overcome. Your numbers are 'friendly' and supportive and there seems to be longevity. That's not to say that there aren't difficulties, but just that you are both the types to stick in and work them out. You both instinctively know that you must take the 'higher road' due to your Master Number Destinies.



The Personal Year, Month and Day

Q - Your web site is wonderful, and I have learned and enjoyed, as this was my first experience with numerology. I do not know what is meant by: Personal Year, Month, and Day. What or when is my Personal Year - is it the year I was born? Is my personal month the month of my birthday every year it comes around? And the same with my day? I know that the Title of this segment is Natal Analysis, using my natal data. I'm just not sure how to apply this information!

A - The personal year, month and day are calculations that show the effects and influence of the calendar year, month and day combined with your personal numbers of birth-month and birth-day.

Your Personal Year shows you the number vibration for the current year long period as it combines with your personal cycles. It is found by adding together your birth day plus birth month plus the calendar year,

ie: May 2 = 5+2+1+9+9+8 = 34, 3+4 = *7* Personal Year

The Personal Month is your Personal Year (in the example, *7*) plus the calendar month number,

ie: 7+1 (Jan) = *8* Personal Month.

The Personal Day is found by adding the Personal Month (in the example, *8*) plus the calendar day,

ie: 8+3 (today is Jan 3rd.) = 11/2 Personal Day

(11, 22 and 33 are master numbers and are not reduced to a single digit like all other number combinations. "Master numbers" means there is "higher potential" or spiritual influence during those periods.)


A - The Personal Year is a vibration that blends your personal numbers (birth month and day) with the calendar year. Numerologists differ in their calculations here, where some say your personal year changes Jan. 1 of each year and others say it changes on your birthday. Which is the more powerful influence on you? Your personal cycle beginning on your first day on earth or the Julian calendar created 400 years ago? I have personally come to realize that both are true... On Jan 1st a new number influence does begin to affect you and it is empowered by mass consciousness agreeing to experience it together. The Calendar year we agree on, regardless of whether or not it is based on fact, is the same as collectively agreeing on a name. The name influence has an effect that can be observed. So on Jan 1, your personal vibration changes in part to the flavor of the current year and blends with your month and day creating your Personal Year. From your birthday of 1998 until the end of the year is when you will fully feel the influence of your Personal Year. During the time before your birthday you are under a combined influence of the previous Personal Year mixed with the current calendar year. Did I confuse you completely? :)

A visual way to look at it is this: (using your example of PY 1 moving into a PY 11 or 2)
BD = Birthday, PY = Personal Year

BD-1997----------------1 PY----------------BD-1998
JAN 1 -1998------------------11/2 PY------------------JAN 1 -1999

I have the choices available on NumberQuest mainly for other numerology professionals or people like you who now know what each means and want to read the different Personal Year descriptions. The program actually defaults to the "January" method now since that seems to be what most of the basic numerology books are teaching.

Q: Maybe I am trying to apply too much logic to Numerology. I don't know. But I just don't understand how someone born on March 21, 1954 (nine months and four days after I was born) can have the same Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day as me (especially with the different year). I questioned this with my husband too. He was born on August 16, 1958 and also has the same Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day as me. I was born on July 17, 1953. You see the other two dates above. All three of us are on this cycle ... Personal Year 8
Personal Month 1
Personal Day 1
I'll bet that there is some really simple explanation. Right?!

A: Right! ;) the really simple way to look at it is this: When you are figuring out your Personal Day, Month and Year, you are really only looking at your Birth Day and Birth Month - forget about your Birth Year for this (You just need it for your Destiny and 3 main Life Cycles). So: March 21= 3+2+1=6 July 17= 7+1+7=15= 1+5=6 August 16= 8+1+6=15= 1+5=6 So all three of you are adding 6 to the Calendar Year to get your Personal Year (8) and so from there you will likewise be on the same monthly and daily cycles too. Get it? :)


The Number, "0"

A - Re: the "0" challenge. "0" either means you have no challenges or all of the challenges. Basically you have a wide range of choices in your life. Unlimited directions you could explore. Sometimes that's the hard part - deciding which to follow first, next and after that. I have 2 "0" challenges. For me, it sometimes feels like I jumped off the merry-go-round and now I don't know where I'm going since I'm not being pulled in any direction by an outside force. For some people "0" challenge is a vacation - no responsibilities. For others it's a time where total presence is necessary to juggle the variety of experiences. It can be very testing in this way - like it's the final big exam and how you handle whatever life hands you determines your "grade". I am in the process of expanding the number meanings page significantly, including adding "0". There's such a needless controversy about "0" - it's such an enigma :) among numerologists. It tries to remain undefinable, at least in physical terms. So you're forced to look in and up and out there for it's meaning. "0" is the Unified Field where all things are possible. Please check back periodically for the revised page.

A - A Zero challenge is said to be similar to a 9 challenge. The important difference however is *choice*. Zero challenges give you the whole palette to paint from. All strengths as well as all lessons are available and some say it can feel like a tight-rope walk, keeping awareness sharp so that we can effectively deal with whatever comes up.


Repeated, Double (Master) and Triple Numbers

All double "Master" numbers present a grand opportunity. It is a turning point whereby something must be understood, decided or undertaken in preparation for the next phase. In general, when these repeated numbers appear to us in our daily life, they are "wake up calls", drawing our attention inward. They're saying, "Shhhhhh... listen..." Each Master Number is an outer representation of a Higher aspect of God and is a symbolic reflection of the saying, "As above, so below". The physical action required is represented by the root number or the sum of the two double numbers added together. The Higher aspect of God that is to be understood and utilized is represented by the core digit of the Master Number.

The particular area of life that your attention is being drawn to is revealed by the repeated number as well as the root number, so;

11/2 - Has to do with yourself, receiving direct information from the higher (11) and sharing it with another (2). It also often requires decision and a detoxing of one's thoughts in order to create a positive future. It is a very fast paced energy and things change quickly under it's rule.

22/4 - Has to do with emotional awareness of God (22) [22 is an ancient symbol meaning Alpha and Omege - or "circle"] and manifesting it on earth or through the physical (4). 22 says that once the laws governing the physical are understood and followed, manifestation of heaven on earth may follow. This includes the manifestation of any soul-desire, your "dreams come true".

33/6 - Is the higher octave of Venus, (6) the goddess of love. The raised love vibration becomes Compassion or God-love.
This compassion is expressed (3) and used to uplift others. When 33 appears to us it is saying that there may be a sacrifice to be made. Observe your situation from a Gods-eye view and see where compassion or forgiveness is needed, either towards yourself or towards another. Express a Higher Love.

44/8 - Has to do with the mental mastery and the material world. Great gifts, or lessons about the material world are forthcoming and attention is being called to these matters. There may be a need for re-evaluation of your life and where it's heading. [See more below.]

55/1 -Has to do with accessing Higher Mind (55) and channeling it through your individuality (1). 55 is a direct line to the mind of God or as some call it, the akashic records. It is calling upon you to responsibly harness and direct the knowledge that is attainable now. There are also changes taking place and many choices ahead. Responsible choices must be made and the route to these is through the Higher Mind. As with all Master number influences, meditation is key here.


What's happening to you is happening to many of us the planet over! 11:11 and other repeated numbers are nudging us awake - to remember ourselves. Who we really are. We are being elbowed by the Divine and they're saying "HELLO! remember? it's time! wake up!! Time to live your truth, let go of all those areas that you don't truly love. Get in synch with your Purpose (your Destiny). You matter, more than you know!! You have a job to do and God is calling you to put down the paper and consciously direct your attention towards all things Divine; beauty, love, joy, health, prosperity, equality, balance, purity, wisdom, forgiveness, play, laughter, trust, faith, loyalty, innocence, wonder, courage..... In purposefully directing our attention towards a thing - we add to the collective GROWTH of that thing. Now is the tiime to use your powerful attention to grow the Light and all things positive, pure and hopeful.

Here's a link to all you ever wanted to know about 11:11 but didn't know who to ask:)

Q - I awaken often at 4:44 -- the number 4 comes up a lot...really A LOT. any ideas what it means?

A - 444 is a number of healing and great blessings. It is basically, "infusing the Spirit into the physical." and remembering that the Spiritual exists in the physical and this is what gives life and "animates" all living things. You are tuned into a vibration that is about inspired "physical manifestation" The Spirit world is saying, "remember who You are!" "You are a powerful Spiritual being in a human body and are on earth to create." The 4 way of creativity must follow the rules of earth, however, and so there is also the requirement to become aware of the way things work; cause and effect and the laws of process that any successful venture has to follow. "Time" is a great tool of the 4 path as it is a law that governs all creation on earth. "For everything, there is a season... for every purpose under Heaven".

This number is made up of 3, 4's which is "practical creative expression" and includes the master number 44 which is the number of "Practical Wisdom". The number 44 is about using self-consciousness (awareness) in your daily practice in order to control the mental, physical and emotional energies to the extent that your spiritual being can grow at an accelerated pace and physical manifestation on earth is attained. It's not unusual for them to occur at deeply significant times or during very relaxed states for I believe they are there to "wake us up" to create "self-remembering" for a moment in our lives. It's probably best to allow it and work with it by really bringing yourself present to your environment and your feelings whenever you see these combinations of 4. Meditation would be very beneficial as well as the Spiritual world seems to be "calling" you to be aware of it for some purpose.

Q: I've just begun meditating and I'm reading some good books on metaphysics.  I am pursuing a more peaceful life and balanced spirituality. I was "religionized" for most of my life and I'm having difficulty overcoming the fear of "opening myself up to demon possession" as the
fundamentalists caution.  I have prayed a pre-meditation prayer to surround myself w/ a protective light of love and have meditated the past 3 nights before going to bed. MY QUESTION IS................each night that I meditated, I slept reasonably well but awakened at 12:22 all three nights. I have a digital clock near my bed and when I awaken that is the first thing I look at. Do you have a clue what this might represent. After 3 consecutive nights, I can't believe it is a coincidence.

A: I commend you in your trust and efforts to explore expanded methods of communion with God. With regards to the "coincidences" you've been experiencing lately with repeated numbers on your clock; I don't believe these are coincidences either. What I can tell you is you are being "nudged" awake at these times by the angels who are guiding you and responding to your silent prayer to learn and grow spiritually. 2 is the number of the feminine "mother" energy. It is nurturing and patient and it also governs intuition and extrasensory perception. You are "waking up" out of sleep and being met by very gentle energies of 2 - 2 is the energy of Quan Yin, (she is an oriental goddess of compassion) and Mother Mary. Now I believe Spirit/God speaks to us in 'vibration' which we interpret and translate according to our evolution and understanding. The time on the clock is a "message" just for you. A special moment between you and God. These will grow and expand into many other areas of your life. You will notice "signs" and messages in radio songs, street signs and books that seem to "fall off the shelf". These, I believe are the ways the angels speak to us - through the symbolic which our "right brain" understands even though our "right mind" doesn't :)

12:22 totals to 7, the number of mental union with God. 22 is a Master number of creativity and inspired invention - the organized creative ability to manifest materially on earth - or in other words; to channel God's ideas into physical form. Many are having very similar experiences as you at this time. Some are seeing 11:11, others 3:33 and 5:55 but whatever the numbers (they are speaking to them personally according to the vibration they are most connected to) it seems to be occurring much more frequently as we move closer to the year 2000, which has a triple "0" which supercharges the "2". You may experience quantum leaps in your growth and awakening as that turning point grows near since you seem to be aligned with the vibration of 2 in a special way. Many people, it seems, are moving though life and suddenly it becomes "time" to awaken and they grow very very rapidly.

Your concern with "opening yourself up to demon possession" as the fundamentalists caution, is a programming which can actually serve you well! Not because I feel that there is any cause for fear but because it causes you to have the focus and intentionality to ground yourself in Light and Love and thereby attract the most de-light-ful and loving experiences :) Know that you are protected - you are! You definitely are. As your confidence grows you will make this "centering and focus in the protective Light" an automatic part of your meditation and it will no longer be done out of fear but out of gentle acknowledgment that the Light and Love surrounds you as you quiet your mind and open to communion with your highest guidance.

Q: Is it weird to have all master numbers?
Expression 33
Soul Urge 11
Persona 22

Q: It's not too weird, but it sure is intense! Rather, you can sure be intense.. You have the potential to do great things with these numbers - create great changes for the world or for your immediate family and friends. Master numbers 'tap' you into the resources of Higher thinking, Higher feeling and Higher accomplishment. If you choose to accept this mission... You can create truly unique things - truly inspired. At the very least you are more sensitive (emotionally and psychically) than most and this may feel frustrating at times. Try to go with the flow and you will attract others who share your ideals. You will probably never fit in to the 'status quo' and that's not a 'bad' thing! You are obviously here to make a statement by who you naturally are. Learn to make your uniqueness your asset!

A: Dear Angelia, I found your site after posing this question to ask Jeeves! I recently had something very unusual happen and I am very curious to find out what it means. After having you do my free reading, I am certain that you are the one to ask. In a nutshell, I found a nickel on my early morning walk, in the street, Then I found a nickel in the bottom of a Button jar, then I found another nickel in the washing machine after doing the laundry, then I found another nickel, all the matter of a few days before Christmas. In a dream, I was told , I would find the 5th nickel. I didn't remember it until the next morning while wrapping presents. I put my coffee cup down on a shelf and there was the 5th nickel!! I have no clue what this means but I have a positve feeling that it's an Angel message. What do you thinkthis means! Thanx!

A: Wow! that's such a great story. I love the creative ways our angels "talk" to us! 5 is the number of the desire for "variety" (collecting "data" in the form of life experiences) as a motivator for change. Hmmm... "CHANGE"? Get it? : ) The keyword for 5 is "change", but not in the sense that most people fear. It is more about 'noticing' new things, becoming "aware" of new information. Your angels probably want you to wake up to a new way of seeing things. Numerology is a key way to see the hidden meaning in everything around us. Also interesting; your name, "Renee" looks like this numerologically: 95555 (!) You yourself are a vibrating cluster of 5's! Totaling 29 cents - which reduces to an 11 Master Number. You are definitely open to angelic messages and are in fact a 'messenger'! Stay open and child-like in your receptivity to angelic guidance - I am sure you will receive more messages very soon. Writing is a key way for 5 energy to share itself. You may also want to journal about your upcoming "changes"!

Can numerology predict death?

Q: Hi there! this is a rather unusual question,can numerology determine the year a person is expected to die? I know this is not an appropriate question but I can guarantee you that I am a happily married mom of three beautifull children. I was listening to some friends one night over a dinner invitation talking about numerology and this subject can about. I think half of our company agreed that numerology can determine this while the other half said they were full of it! Can you help us settle this once and for all. We did agree that numerolgy determines many things but this sort of topic you never hear about! I appreciate your time and thank you very much.

I have to premise my answer with, 'I'm not the final authority on the subject." - obviously - but I have studied it for many years and I have to say that I've only run across one book/author who claimed that this was possible and I promptly shredded the pages (instead of just throwing it in the trash) so that no one could even accidentally find it again... The deepest part of me senses that our death is a mysterious matter that is just between us and our Creator. There may be many synchronistic phenomenon numerologically or astrologically that have been in effect for some who have died - but those same elements could be 'in influence' preceding the birth of a child or quitting your job! I don't believe we can - or should - know that information. So I beware of anyone who claims to be able to determine this. For one - the power of our thought is ultimately Creative and self-fulfilling. I would almost prefer a pretend psychic who tells everyone that they'll 'come in to riches and will be happy for the rest of their days' [this is fresh because I just got a letter in the mail yesterday that was all mass-produced like those 'Ed McMahon' Win 10 Million Dollars letters and it was from a psychic who, while addressing me by (almost) my name (to her, I'm 'Angela' instead of 'Angelia') told me she had to write me right away because my name just "jumped off a page" she was reading and she wanted to share her psychic impressions with me - all good and prosperous (luckily!)... In the end she was selling a rune necklace. for my "protection". I had to laugh at the absurdity - it was funny - but also scary..... I thought about all the people who will actually believe they need her to protect them and that she might actually 'know' their future via a mass-produced commercial mailing. I guess my point is, anyone who claims to know something about us - and that information frightens us or makes us feel anxious (even excited) - they are creating a sort of energy dependence out of our fear or excitement. Whether they know it or not, they are feeding on our life energy and many are manipulated this way. So something as personal and ultimate as our passing is not something I would give my 'power' to another to find out about. Number one, I truly don't believe another can know our 'result'. We can tell you the 'influences' and the 'flavors' of your life periods, but two different people would experience different results *all creating the same psychological effect*. One person may leave their body behind, another may leave their old life behind - both are going through transformation and endings, but with different results. I hope that's not too confusing - I kind of rambled on with my 'opinions' about it ; )

Q: I have a question my expression and soul urge are both 22's (and thus 4's). My destiny and persona numbers are both 9. I have read (in Astronumerology by Hobbs Bell & Simon) that 4's and 9's are opposite romantically - does this mean that I am divided somehow romantically? do you know what I am asking? If my soul urge is for a 4(22) and my destiny is a 9, is my picture of who I am looking for not somehow conflicted? I hope that this question makes sense and that you can give me a hopeful and helpful answer.

A: With regards to your question: I believe that the book you are referring to is primarily talking about the romantic compatibility between two people in a relationship, for example, if one person is a 4 and the other is a 9, there would be some challenges due to the 4's very practical nature (earthbound) and the 9's very idealistic nature (heavenbound). In your case though, you are working with both energies within you and I would think that on the one hand this combination would balance you out better (yin and yang, odd and even) but also create some internal conflict between who you are (Expression and Soul Urge) and where you are being asked to go (your Destiny). You are not only fundamentally a 4, but you are a 22/4 Master Number working with a 9 Destiny. This actually tells me that your Destiny won't be as challenging as it would be for a 4 Expression person because you already contain a higher vibration than 9 within your name. So 'who you are', already contains all of the necessary ingredients to get you where you're going.

In the romantic department - if that has been a challenge for you, I would say that it would be due to your higher vibration and life "mission" rather than to any inner incongruities. All of your Core numbers are Universal numbers - meaning they are less personal, less relationship oriented. Your expectations may be higher as well. You would do best with a partner who also carried these or other Master Numbers and inside, you instinctively know this. Another issue around romance and the number 9 Destiny: 9's are here to be 'way showers' and 'Truth' bringers. When a 9 is involved in relationship with another, their influence raises the other's vibration up one whole octave. So the partner usually ends up changing their life for the better in some way, making things 'right' that were wrong and sometimes, when they are all fixed up, they want to move on to do it for themselves. Many 9's sense that it is 'time to move on' before the partner has allowed themselves to acknowledge the fact and leave the relationship first. BUT, all 9's CAN sustain life-long happy relationships too! It is just a matter of the 9 choosing a more 'aware' partner who will be willing to work through the inevitable cycles of ending and renewing. The lesson of 9 can be learned by recognizing the periodic need to end one 'form' - of the same relationship to make room for a new 'form' to be born - within the same relationship. They must also acknowledge and fulfill their instinct and desire to bring love, healing and renewal into the lives of others - they must feel free to do this.

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