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House Number 9

9 house is an interesting dichotomy. On the one hand it's usually quiet, cool, and comfortable to all. A place for rest and rejuvenation and even deep healing and emotional regeneration. There is a tendency towards self-awareness and a search for deeper meaning, and this brews a desire to share what you have with others. Artistic talent may be discovered and this would be a great place to explore creative inspiration, quiet, alone and uninterrupted. There is a sense of timelessness here and the clocks may each be set to a different time. On the flip side, there could be quite a few people in and out as the healing energy is strong and attractive to those looking for it. It may be difficult to get them to leave though. This house would be ideal for actual healing practices, massage, body work, counseling or healing classes may go on here. The decor may look more like "displays" than decorations and there will be something special for everyone who enters. Good for spiritual teachers, artists, philosophers, nurses, doctors, healers, care-givers, humanitarians, world-travelers and clergy. 9 homes can have a sort of 'ownerless' feel - or they may feel as if they are a home to all and have no real reflection of the identity of their owners. 9 is worldly and humanitarian rather than personal.

Good luck colors for this home are: Deep Violet, Maroon, Blue-Black, Opalescent colors, Pastels, Gold. 9, being a wordly number would do well with a an ethnic look; Asian, African, Polynesian etc.. Lots of natural materials, fibers and textures - or very ascetic.

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