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House Number 2

2 dwelling is quaint or cozy no matter how large it may be. There's a certain charm and the inhabitants will want to tinker around and make small improvements here and there. There's most likely a garden of some sort or at least flowers in the window. This home will be well used, and used up. The inhabitants here are helpful and support others in some way that balances the emotions. There is a predominance of concern for relationships in this house and issues around this will be dealt with quite often. It is the perfect "family home", the one that the kids can go back to to visit the parents who still live there. Nostalgia, collections, small animals, flowers, counseling, gardening, and relationship nurturing work well here. Good for teachers, counselors, social workers, gardeners, grandparents, mothers, and "tinkerers" including garage "whirligig" manufacturers.

Good luck colors for this home are: Orange, Pink and Peach or Golden tones. #2 homes should be comforting with softer colors, plants, flowers or their representations - ie: floral prints etc..

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