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In-Depth Numerology Examples!
* In-Depth: Barack Obama
* Birth Mission: Paul Newman
* Name Consciousness: Oprah
* Baby Name: Apple Martin
*(more Celebrity Baby Names!)
*Soul Mates: Barack and Michelle
*(more Celebrity Love Matches!)

House Number 11

What's that "buzzing" I hear? Could be the electricity of the 11 coursing throughout this dwelling. 11 dwellings literally buzzzzz with activity and well they should when there's that much inspiration and creativity going on. People are constantly in and out and welcome to stay. Behind the "apparent" activity being conducted is a secret support network. The inhabitants of the 11 dwelling are usually guiding, encouraging, teaching, helping, healing and inspiring all under the guise of ordinary neighborly behavior. These houses are eclectic in some way, somehow patched together and a "work in progress" forever. Remember to read the 1 and 2 for other possible influences. Good for artists, writers, teachers, guides, counselors, and entertainers.

Good luck colors for this home are: Black, White, Opalescent Pearl, Clear Glass, Canary Yellow, Baby Pink and Baby Blue. All of the colors for the 2 dwelling are fine here too. 11 homes can be kind of a patchwork of styles and rooms with specific or overlapping purposes, such as a living room/art studio or kitchen/soap making laboratory.. 11 homes make excellent Bed and Breakfasts!

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